Before buying a new computer or laptop - Consider the environmental impact!

Waste of electrical and electronic equipment is growing every year


6/28/20232 min read

a bunch of old computers
a bunch of old computers

🌍 Did you know that the UK generated around 1.45 million tonnes (UN's report) of e-waste in 2019 alone? Only 17 per cent was recycled in the same year.

That's a staggering amount of discarded electronic devices, including computers, laptops, TVs, and mobile phones and they are equivalent to roughly the weight of 120,833 double-deck buses, just as a comparison as per the UK government website, there were 33,000 buses in service in England in 2020 so 4 times more the buses in the UK!

πŸ–₯️ When it comes to managing e-waste, there are several options available in the UK. Reuse is a popular choice, with many individuals and businesses opting to sell or donate their still-functional computers and laptops to schools, charities, or refurbishing organizations. Recycling is another great way to dispose of electronics responsibly, and authorized recycling facilities aim to recover valuable materials and reduce the environmental impact. Local authorities across the UK also provide e-waste collection and disposal services to ensure proper and environmentally-friendly disposal.

🏫 In the British education system, refurbished computers and laptops are seeing significant adoption. A study by the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) revealed that approximately 82% of educational institutions were already using refurbished technology in 2019. With cost savings of up to 70% compared to new devices, refurbished options are a budget-friendly choice. Plus, by refurbishing and reusing existing devices, schools contribute to reducing electronic waste and protecting the environment.

🏒 The market for refurbished computers and laptops in British small businesses is also growing steadily. Small businesses are drawn to the cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits of purchasing refurbished devices, as they can offer substantial savings and contribute to reducing electronic waste. Reputable vendors ensure quality through rigorous testing and often provide warranties, giving small businesses peace of mind.

πŸ’° Buying a refurbished computer or laptop can save individuals around 20-30% compared to purchasing a new one. The exact savings depend on factors like brand, specifications, and condition.
In terms of environmental impact, opting for a refurbished computer can save approximately 300 kg (660 lbs) of CO2 emissions compared to buying a new one.

By choosing refurbished, we can reduce e-waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Let's make conscious choices when it comes to electronic devices and join the movement towards reducing e-waste and protecting the environment!

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