Don’t let your data fall into the wrong hands!

Learn how to dispose of your hard drive safely and securely

6/29/20231 min read

a person shredding a piece of paper with binary code on it
a person shredding a piece of paper with binary code on it

Did you know that many hard drives sold on eBay (40% to 56% researchers say) still have sensitive data? 😱

Don’t let your personal information fall into the wrong hands. 💻.

Improperly disposing of an old hard drive can lead to serious data breaches and information theft, if that happens, you can be subject to bullying, blackmail, or even identity theft.

Even when a hard drive is not functioning properly, there still are chances that someone can recover it and abuse your private data. To avoid these risks, it is important to properly dispose of your old hard drives.

Deleting the data or formatting the hard drive does not erase the data, but only makes it invisible to the operating system. The data can still be recovered by special tools unless you truly erase the hard drive.

To erase data from your hard drive, you need to overwrite it with new data. This is also known as wiping or shredding.

There are several ways to erase personal data from a hard drive. One way is to use a program that writes random data over all the sectors several times so that no remnants of the old files remain.

If you are not confident using software tools or want to be extra cautious another way is to physically destroy the magnetic disk (also known as a platter) inside by drilling holes in it or smashing it with a hammer 🔨.

Please bear in mind that from a fragment of a hard disk drive, it is still possible to recover data (but it is very expensive!!!)

Once you have wiped or destroyed your hard drive, make sure you recycle it properly. You can take it to a certified hard drive recycling centre or contact your local electronics recycling program.

Different methods must be used for SSDs, Memory cards and USB sticks, more in another post.

Remember to Stay safe and protect your data!

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